Can ThriveCart Do Payment Plans? (Click Here To Find Out!)

Are you looking to setup payment plans for your online business using ThriveCart?

Inside of this post, we’ll be going over whether it’s possible, why you would want to do this, and how to get it set up!

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Does ThriveCart Support Payment Plans?

ThriveCart gives you the ability to pick the payment options for your product.

Here’s all of the different types of payment plans you can offer:

  • One-time fee
  • Subscription
  • Split pay
  • Pay your own price

This should give you the flexibility for whatever product or service you are offering with ThriveCart!

Why You Might Want To Offer A Payment Plan

You may want to offer a payment plan for many reasons, but here are a few of the most common reasons.

  • You want to offer equal monthly installments as an additional payment option.
  • You require a startup cost in the beginning.
  • You want to charge for a certain amount of weeks for a training or bootcamp.
  • You want to take a deposit followed by monthly payments.

But no matter what your reasoning or ideas are, ThriveCart has the functionality available to let you do as you wish!

How To Setup A Payment Plan For ThriveCart

Now that we’ve covered the most common reasons for payment plans, here’s how you can actually get started!

Inside of your product tab on ThriveCart, you’ll want to click the Pricing category.

Once you are there, click the blue “+ Add another pricing option” button and a pop-up will appear!

Under payment type, you’ll want to choose the option that best fits your needs.

Then you can go into more detail on the settings based on the payment type, since they are all different.

Luckily, ThriveCart gives a summary so you can make sure it’s setup exactly as you wish!

And if for whatever reason you need further assistance, be sure to checkout ThriveCart’s Help Desk here.