ThriveCart vs SendOwl: Which Solution Should You Be Using?

If you’re looking for a powerful shopping cart platform, this exhaustive comparison of ThriveCart vs SendOwl has you covered!

Since the right shopping cart platform can help you increase conversions and maximize profitability, it’s important to find the right one for your online business.

I’ll be sharing which of these two softwares performs best and why you may want to choose one or the other, so be sure to stick around before making a decision!

Let’s get right into it.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform founded by Josh Bartlett in 2016.

It’s designed specifically for those looking to sell products online with customized order forms, sales pages, and checkout processes so you can increase conversions and profitability.

Whether you’re an advanced user or beginner, they make it super simple to set up with extra functionality for their power users!

Currently, ThriveCart is in their pre-launch phase which gives you a unique opportunity to get lifetime access for a low price which could go away at anytime.

What is SendOwl?

SendOwl is a shopping cart platform founded by George Palmer back in 2010.

With a focus on creating a software where you can easily sell and deliver digital products online, they’ve done exactly that!

They want to help you sell more of your products using their platform, since they have the features available to do so.

Similar to ThriveCart, they want to make your business easier and more profitable when it comes to selling products online!

What’s the main difference between the two?

Let me preface this section by saying both of these platforms are similar in what they are looking to achieve, but there’s a few differences that we need to go over.

ThriveCart is focused on creating a shopping cart platform that you can grow with, since they offer a range of features when you sign up with them. Whether it’s creating a custom checkout page, sales page, or adding in up-sells or down-sells, they have you covered.

SendOwl is focused on creating a simple way to sell digital products, without nearly as much functionality. While it’s super easy to use, it won’t give you the ability to branch out in the future as much as a solution like ThriveCart!

Does ThriveCart or SendOwl have better features?

ThriveCart definitely has better features than SendOwl, since they’re focused on power users and businesses that are going to stick around for the long-term.

While ThriveCart is easy to use, SendOwl is easier to get started with. In that area, SendOwl is definitely better but it’s because they lack in other areas that will suit advanced users.

Sample ThriveCart Order Form

All in all, ThriveCart has much better features including one-click upsells, downsells, order bumps, full customization, no pricing limitations, and much more inside.

How much does each software cost?

ThriveCart’s pricing is more straight-forward since they are currently offering a lifetime deal, which is $495 + $195 if you want to upgrade to pro (recommended).

This will give you the ability to use ThriveCart for life – which is awesome because they have the features that you won’t have to worry about outgrowing!

On the other hand, SendOwl is focused on beginners and requires you to pay each month.

They have three plans available (Standard, Self hosting, and Subscription).

Inside of each of those plans, there’s 4 additional levels that you can choose from (ranging from $15/m all the way up to $99/m based on your needs).

While SendOwl is cheaper to get started with, you’ll find yourself having to upgrade your plan and it’ll end up being super expensive long-term.

I don’t like to invest in softwares where they have multiple plans, because they hold back features on the lower plans! SendOwl has almost no features available on their “standard plan” which is inexcusable.

That’s why I’d urge you to pickup ThriveCart before there lifetime pricing is gone.

Why you may want to choose ThriveCart over SendOwl

ThriveCart has a steep price point up front, but that’s mainly because the software isn’t officially launched yet and they’re offering a special lifetime deal.

It’ll cost more once it’s fully released, since you’ll have to pay over $95 monthly (estimated)!

ThriveCart has better features and gives you the functionality to grow your online business over time, making it a no-brainer.

Why you may want to choose SendOwl over ThriveCart

Honestly, SendOwl is a great platform for what they do but there’s very little reason to choose them over ThriveCart.

You’ll have to pay monthly, you’ll have to upgrade for the features you want, and overall, it’s simply not worth doing so.

If you’re a complete beginner and want to get your feet wet, SendOwl will suffice but in a few months I’m sure you’ll upgrade and be frustrated for not just picking up ThriveCart to start!

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, I’d recommend you to not think twice and pull the trigger on ThriveCart.

With more features, functionality, customization and room for growth, it’s simply the better choice right now!

Pairing that up with a lifetime license, you can’t go wrong with investing in their platform.

Our #1 Choice


ThriveCart is the best shopping cart platform I’ve ever used, hands down!

If you haven’t invested in ThriveCart yet, I’d highly recommend taking advantage of their lifetime deal since it will be going away very soon! It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run with this special offer I negotiated for our readers…