ThriveCart vs Convertri: Surprising Winner Takes The Crown

Today we will be comparing to popular pieces of software in the funnel-building space, ThriveCart, and Convertri.

While both are incredibly good at what they do, there are some significant differences between them.

In this article, we are going to be identifying these differences and help you find the best option for you. 

ThriveCart vs Convertri: Key Differences

The biggest difference between ThriveCart and Convertri is pricing. While Convertri comes at a monthly fee starting at $99 per month, ThriveCart has a lifetime option starting at just $495.

ThriveCart also has a couple more features when it comes to conversions and sales, while Convertri’s pages load a little faster.

Both options are great at helping businesses build pages and increase their conversions.

ThriveCart vs Convertri: Overview

Founded In20152015
PricingStarting at $495 (lifetime)starting at $99 per month
Trial?N/A14 days
Money-back Guarantee30 days30 days
Overall Rating9.58/10

ThriveCart Features

ThriveCart is incredibly good at what it does. Built by Josh Bartlett and his team in early 2016, they’ve built a super powerful shopping cart platform!

In terms of providing high-converting shopping cart features, they are right at the top.

ThriveCart does have a huge list of features, so explaining each one would probably be a little too long for this blog post.

Instead, just take a look at the features below and I will explain what I really like about ThriveCart afterward.

  • 1 Click order bumps
  • 1 Click upsells/downsells
  • Embeddable Cart
  • Funnel builder & Templates
  • Split-testing
  • Affiliate Center
  • Webhooks
  • Auto-follow up
  • Autoresponder integrations
  • Coupons
  • Customer hub
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Discount URL
  • Dunning/Auto-retry
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Two-step cart
  • Instant affiliate payments
  • Link tracking
  • Membership integrations
  • Modal Cart
  • Predicted sales
  • Product upgrades
  • Automatic receipts
  • Retargeting
  • Digital sales tax calculator
  • Subscription management
  • Secure URLs
  • Advanced Trials (for example $1 trials)
  • Unlimited Carts
  • Video carts

ThriveCart is one of the only shopping cart features that also lets you easily embed the carts you create.

There are some others that let you do the same, but the problem with those is that they don’t have the same high-converting tools ThriveCart gives you.

While Convertri does have a few of the high-converting features, the cart itself is locked inside of Convertri and can’t be embedded onto other pages outside of Convertri which is a little annoying.

However, you can embed Convertri’s entire pages through a WordPress plugin, but not just the carts. 

Don’t worry about that for now, as we will talk about Convertri later on. 

ThriveCart also comes with tools outside of the cart to help you make more sales too including:

  • Advanced Affiliate management
  • Discount URLs
  • Link tracking
  • Advanced Coupons

ThriveCart just gives you the perfect mix of high-converting tools, advanced analytics, and automatic calculations to help you save more time. This is something I really like about ThriveCart.

Convertri Features

Convertri also has some great features too.

The main features of Convertri are

  • Pages
  • Cart
  • Sub-accounts

Convertri Pages

Convertri’s first main feature is the pages.

One thing that I do like about Convertri is that they focus a lot on site-speed. 

This can help you increase your conversions a little if you are getting thousands of visitors and it just provides the user with a great experience. Plus, it can be helpful if you are trying to rank your pages in search engines. 

The page builder inside of Convertri is also extremely flexible in terms of customization but does come with a significant learning curve. 

Something that I also like about Convertri is that it comes with some video hosting for your sales pages which is always a nice little added feature. 

Convertri Cart

The next feature inside of Convertri is the cart.

It’s not quite advanced as ThriveCart, but it’s not too far behind either.

Here are some features inside of the Convertri Cart function:

  • One-click upsell
  • 2-Step Checkout
  • Subscriptions
  • Trial Payments
  • Bump Sells
  • Webhook Support

One important note is that ThriveCart has a little more customization inside of the different carts. Although Convertri carts are stuck inside of Convertri, you do have the ability to use an entire page inside of WordPress if you want to.

But that does mean you always have to use Convertri, just to get the little cart you created inside of Convertri which may be a little annoying.

Convertri also doesn’t have these features which are available in ThriveCart:

  • Coupons
  • Split-testing (Not as advanced as ThriveCarts cart split-testing)
  • Automatic digital sales tax calculations
  • Modal cart
  • Discount URL
  • Predicted Sales
  • Affiliate management

I know these are not all Cart features, but they are things indirectly connected to your cart which will help you save time or make more sales. So, I thought I would just point out that these features are not available in Convertri.

Convertri Sub-Accounts

Convertri gives you a lot of sub-accounts.

This could definitely be of interest to you if you’re looking to start a funnel building agency as with your standard plan you get 10 sub-accounts.  

Keep in mind, you still get your normal master account too, these are just sub-accounts that you can manage from your main account. 

ThriveCart Pricing

ThriveCart has not officially launched yet, despite being founded in late 2015.

Due to this, there are special lifetime deals available at the moment which won’t be available anymore soon when the platform fully launches.

Just like most other SaaS tools, ThriveCarts cost is expected to be between $99 to $299 per month.

However, for now, we do still have the ThriveCart lifetime deals available to us:

I do suggest considering the Pro version if you do want to go for ThriveCart as you will also get access to these features:

  • Affiliate Center (Management)
  • Subscription Saver Functionality
  • Automatic Sales Tax Calculator
  • Intelligent business projections
  • JV Contracts
  • Advanced User Management
  • Client Usage rights
  • Customer domain name functionality

Trying to purchase these features separately can also be quite costly and even in monthly subscriptions, so that’s why I recommend considering the pro version.

Convertri Pricing

Convertri only has one pricing plan and like so many other funnel builders, it’s $99 per month.

It’s definitely not a bad deal, but I do think ThriveCart has the edge when it comes to pricing.

Here’s what you get in Convertri’s $99 per month plan:

  • 250,000 impressions per month
  • 25 funnels
  • 250 pages
  • 10 Custom domains
  • 10 team members
  • 400+ templates
  • 20 Videos hosted
  • 100 GB video hosting
  • Unlimited products
  • Split-testing
  • SSL
  • Page Importer

One thing I don’t like about Convertri is the limit on funnels especially, but also the other resources. Luckily they’re not too bad.

Reasons Why You May Want To Choose ThriveCart Over Convertri

ThriveCart is the king when it comes to conversions and if you want to convert as many of your visitors as possible, you should consider it. 

Not only that, but it also comes at a ridiculously low one-time fee compared to Convertri and a lot of its competitors.

Of course, eventually, they are looking to change to a similar pricing model that charges $99 to $299 per month, but for now, the special lifetime plans are available.

This is the big advantage of ThriveCart over Convertri.

As we saw earlier, ThriveCart also has the edge when it comes to features which also makes the pricing difference more significant too.

If you decide to go for Convertri, after 7 months, you would have paid the same price as on ThriveCart Pro, but the difference is that you would have to keep paying, whereas with ThriveCart you wouldn’t.

Reasons Why You May Want To Choose Convertri Over ThriveCart

Convertri has it’s advantages too.

If you’re looking to start or run a type of business where sub-accounts can be useful, you should definitely consider it as it does give you 10 sub-accounts.

It’s also great that the pages load fast which can be helpful for SEO too. 

While ranking any type of pages created with these types of SaaS tools in search engines is hard, you should consider Convertri if that is something you want to be doing with the pages you create. 

You may also like the page builder which has a lot of flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Although Convertri has fast-loading pages and a lot of sub-user accounts, I would say that ThriveCart is the clear winner of this battle.

It comes with more features such as:

  • Features to help you sell more (Affiliate management, advanced split-testing, coupons, etc. )
  • Features to save you time (Automatic tax calculations, intelligent business projections

Not only does it come with these features, but also for a smaller price.

That’s why despite Convertri being a great software, the overall crown goes to ThriveCart.

Our #1 Choice


ThriveCart is the best shopping cart platform I’ve ever used, hands down!

If you haven’t invested in ThriveCart yet, I’d highly recommend taking advantage of their lifetime deal since it will be going away very soon! It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run with this special offer I negotiated for our readers…