ThriveCart vs JVZoo: What’s The REAL Difference Anyways?

ThriveCart and JVZoo are two platforms you can use to host and sell your digital products, while having affiliates promote your products as well.

They’re very different in what they do, but they are looking to achieve the same thing: more sales for your offers!

Inside of this exhaustive review of ThriveCart vs JVZoo, we’ll cover everything you should know about both.

Let’s get right into it!

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform founded by Josh Bartlett in 2016.

While they still haven’t officially launched, they’re offering a lifetime deal to those interested before they release to the public!

They’re focused on helping online businesses increase conversion rates and become more profitable using their fully customizable platform.

What is JVZoo?

JVZoo is an affiliate marketplace & platform to sell digital products directly to consumers.

Launched in 2011 with the purpose of helping the online marketing industry as a whole, JVZoo has grown to massive numbers:

  • Over 800,000 affiliates!
  • Over 18,000,000 product sales!
  • An average of 6085 sales per day (since 2011!)

JVZoo is a massive operation, and it’s great to help you get more exposure to your products!

What’s the main difference between ThriveCart and JVZoo?

JVZoo and ThriveCart are much different platforms that look to help you do the same thing: sell more of your products.

ThriveCart is focused on being a shopping cart platform that helps you customize the entire checkout process, implementing up-sells, down-sells, order bumps and increasing conversions overall!

On the other hand, JVZoo is an affiliate marketplace that helps connect you with affiliates who can promote your offers. They help you sell and deliver digital products in a similar fashion to ThriveCart, although there’s less customization available.

Which has the best features?

Both of these solutions have solid features, but I’d have to give ThriveCart the edge.

Since you can fully customize the order form and sales pages, you can continuously test and increase conversions over time. In addition to optimizing for front-end sales, you can add in up-sells, down-sells, and order bumps to maximize your profits from each customer!

ThriveCart also offers one of the best affiliate management platforms I’ve ever seen – allowing you to easily add in tracking codes, deliver bonuses, and much more.

JVZoo allows you to find affiliates to promote your products, and also handles most of the affiliate program you’ll have. While I find them to be more of a marketplace than sales platform, they can suffice and you can grow your business through their software!

Which is more cost effective?

Both JVZoo and ThriveCart are going to cost you to use their platforms, but they have different pricing models.

ThriveCart is a lifetime deal where you can purchase their software (and use it for life) for $495 which is ridiculously cheap for what you get. Additionally, you can upgrade to PRO for $195 which I highly recommend!

After that, you’ll have to pay stripe fees or other payment fees which you can expect from any similar tool.

On the other hand, JVZoo is entirely free to start selling your products with! They charge 5% commissions on all sales through their platform, which can add up really quickly.

I would prefer to not have to pay JVZoo every time I make a sale, so I’d invest in ThriveCart and never look back in this category.

Why you may want to choose ThriveCart over JVZoo

You’ll want to choose ThriveCart if you plan on growing as an online business and expanding in the future.

Since you can fully customize the entire checkout process, it’ll really help you make the most of each visitor by testing and seeing what works best!

ThriveCart provides everything you’d need to sell and deliver digital products online.

Why you may want to choose JVZoo over ThriveCart

You may want to choose JVZoo instead of ThriveCart if you want to get your product in front of as many affiliates as possible.

One thing to be weary of when using a marketplace like JVZoo is it can associate your product with lesser-quality products, so it can devalue what you are offering.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, I’d have to go with ThriveCart over JVZoo in most cases.

While JVZoo can be a solid choice for those looking to leverage affiliates, it doesn’t offer the same growth as a platform like ThriveCart!

Since ThriveCart can host your affiliate program but also give you the functionality to customize everything in your sales funnel, it’s the platform I’d go with if I were starting all over – mainly when you incorporate the lifetime offer that’s currently available.

Our #1 Choice


ThriveCart is the best shopping cart platform I’ve ever used, hands down!

If you haven’t invested in ThriveCart yet, I’d highly recommend taking advantage of their lifetime deal since it will be going away very soon! It’ll save you a ton of money in the long run with this special offer I negotiated for our readers…