ThriveCart vs CartFlows: Which Software Is Best For You?

ThriveCart and CartFlows are two popular platforms for creating custom shopping carts.

The purpose of these softwares is to increase conversions and maximize the average order value from those sales, but which one is the best?

Inside of this comparison of ThriveCart vs CartFlows, I’ll be sharing which of these tools have been better in my experience so you can make an easier decision!

Let’s get right into it.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform founded by Josh Bartlett in 2016.

While it’s still not “officially launched,” they’ve been continuously adding to the software since being founded!

It’s simple enough for beginners to get started, but powerful enough for their advanced users to take full advantage of.

What is CartFlows?

CartFlows is a sales funnel builder created by Sujay Pawar and Adam Preiser.

They were founded in 2017 with the purpose of building a software for WordPress that makes selling easier and more profitable!

CartFlows isn’t a checkout platform, since it uses WooCommerce to power the shopping cart back-end.

They currently only work with WooCommerce and WordPress, so you’ll have to purchase your own web hosting which may put some people off!

Main Differences Between ThriveCart and CartFlows

When it comes to ThriveCart and CartFlows, they’re focused on different things and have different functionality.

ThriveCart’s goal is to help online business owners create customized sales pages and order forms, so they can increase conversions and maximize profitability – with no additional tools required!

CartFlow’s goal is to help online business owners create customized sales funnels so they can control what their visitors see.

Unfortunately, you will need to purchase hosting and use WooCommerce for the back-end shopping cart creation if you decide to go with CartFlows.

How much does each platform cost?

ThriveCart currently has a lifetime deal available for $495 and an up-sell for their pro version, which will cost an additional $195.

All in all, this is a ridiculously low price for the amount you’ll save since they are expecting the price to be $95+ per month after they officially launch!

On the other hand, CartFlows costs $299 per year and will require you to purchase external web hosting so you can use WordPress and WooCommerce.

In the pricing category, ThriveCart is the better choice in the long run since it’s a one-time payment!

Why you should choose ThriveCart over CartFlows

You would want to choose ThriveCart over CartFlows if your looking for a shopping cart platform, instead of a funnel builder which can overcomplicate things.

ThriveCart is a standalone software so you won’t need to learn other platforms at the same time, which is a perfect fit for beginners!

And since it doesn’t require other softwares to work, you can save a ton of money on web hosting.

Additionally, they have the functionality for advanced users to have everything look and perform exactly how they wish.

Why you should choose CartFlows over ThriveCart

CartFlows could be the better choice instead of ThriveCart if you already use WooCommerce and WordPress in your business, but you’re looking for a way to streamline the sales process.

It’s going to help you out a lot with creating upsells, downsells, cart abandonment inside of WooCommerce which is similar to what ThriveCart is offering (except they’re a complete software for this).

So if your comfortable paying for an annual subscription and web hosting, this could be a good fit.

I would say this isn’t the better choice for beginners, but for successful businesses looking to expand on what they already have working!

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve went over everything to know about ThriveCart and CartFlows, it’s time to make a decision.

Personally, I find ThriveCart to be a much better deal since you’ll be getting a lifetime license and won’t need to purchase hosting (which isn’t cheap).

It’s also a standalone software so it’ll be much easier to get setup than CartFlows, and it’s fully customizable which other shopping cart platforms aren’t!

But if you are already using WooCommerce and comfortable with it, CartFlows can be a good choice. You’ll just want to be careful since you’ll be paying annually for it.

That’s all for this review of ThriveCart vs CartFlows, hope you found this post helpful!

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